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Helping you to find the right system for your organisation.

HR System Selection, Lomarton

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Choosing the right technology option can be overwhelming

We understand that the market is full of technology options.  Knowing where to look, then narrowing them down to point of selection can be overwhelming. Lomarton will start at the beginning, understanding your business needs, current pains and challenges and your vision for the future. By understanding these requirements will enable the team at Lomarton to guide you through suitable product options for you.  The advice we will give is 100% independent, and unbiased.

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Continued Support Through The Selection Process

Continuing our support, we will assist, or lead the preparation of the Request for Proposal (RFP) with shortlisted potential suppliers.  Following system demonstrations, we will evaluate the output, providing commentary and recommendations ensuring that your business has all the information to make an informed decision.

Previous Clients

Samworth Brothers
Royal London

The Change Delivery Process

1. Fact Find

Aligning how we work to be in the
 best starting position for the project

2. Mobilise

Taking the information from fact-finding to prepare for project delivery eg. budget, resources or scope

3. Deliver

Actioning the project plan, seamlessly and effectively whilst 
re-evaluating the project internally and externally, adapt 
to changes that arise. Task, target and action.

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