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Helping you to manage your project roll-out effectively and consistently

Project Management Services



Delivery Focussed

Managing a project roll-out can be frustrating without support

Working with a reliable and consistent project manager for the duration of the project cannot be underestimated, and here at Lomarton you will be assigned a resolute Project Manager for the duration of the contract.  With over 10 years of experience in HR, Payroll and Finance system implementations, we know that to ensure that a project is successful, knowledge, a human touch and consistency is key. 

Project Management Services
Project Management Company

Consistent Reliable Project Management

Working closely with the software vendor delivery team, we’ll drive the project to success by using clear, easy to understand language remaining conscious of the project objectives and operational business needs. 

Through the use of a collaborative online project management software which provides transparency to all those involved, along with direct access to their tasks and deadlines.

Previous Clients

Samworth Brothers
Royal London

The Change Delivery Process

1. Fact Find

Aligning how we work to be in the
 best starting position for the project

2. Mobilise

Taking the information from fact-finding to prepare for project delivery eg. budget, resources or scope

3. Deliver

Actioning the project plan, seamlessly and effectively whilst 
re-evaluating the project internally and externally, adapt 
to changes that arise. Task, target and action.

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