Employee Engagement during periods of business transformation

Optimising employee engagement during periods of business transformation is crucial. It plays a significant role in ensuring a smooth transition and the success of the transformation process.

Here are some key points to consider:

Effective Communication

Frequent, open, and transparent communication is key. Keep all stakeholders informed of the reasons for the change, expected outcomes and how it will impact their role. Address any concerns frequently and openly and encourage feedback.

Employee Involvement

Ensure employee groups involvement in the decision making process by seeking their input, feedback, and potential alternative solutions. This will help create buy-in, ownership, commitment to the transformation and engagement in the process and output.


Focus on employee well-being during the transformation process. In addition to open communication offer programs and initiatives to help them manage the process, potential impact and maintain work life balance.

Supportive Leadership and Project Team

Business leaders and managers should be accessible and support the transformation from the onset. Lead by example, embrace the transformation by showing their commitment through their everyday interactions and communications this will help inspire trust and confidence.

Professional Development

This can be twofold. Provide employees opportunities to gain the skills and knowledge required to adapt to the change in addition to opportunities for personal advancement and growth.

Positive Work Culture

Foster a positive and rewarding environment by recognising employees for their contribution during the process, encourage collaboration, teamwork, and open communication. Empower people to make decisions, give constructive feedback and be part of the process.

Feedback Mechanisms

Open transparent communication is key, but this must be accompanied with effective feedback mechanisms to ensure everyone has a voice and an opportunity to provide their input. This will help you access engagement levels throughout the process.

Celebrate all Successes

Celebrate all successes throughout the journey, this will help reinforce the positive impact of the transformation and acknowledge the input and work of all involved.

The above will help lead to greater success during periods of transformation but they are steps along the journey and each one should be planned and link to the overarching project plan. To find out more and how Lomarton can assist you step by step in your journey contact us

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