Validate your vision and gain a different perspective to get your transformation defined

Organisational Change Consultancy

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Consultancy provides a different perspective and constructive challenge

When you are thinking of embarking on a transformation in your organisation an independent view of a consultant can validate your vision, expand on the benefits and strengthen the success of internal buy in. At Lomarton our consultants will bring you the support & guidance you need to get your transformation defined.

HR Transformation Services
People Process Technology

Consulting in 3 simple steps:

  1. Define the problems or opportunities your businesses face,
  2. Collect and analyse data to better understand the problem/opportunity and identify a recommended course of action.
  3. Plan the implementation of that solution across your company.


Here at Lomarton we can provide consultancy in the following areas: Organisational changes (TOM), Change management, Shared Service Centres and HR & Payroll System Selection, 

Previous Clients

Samworth Brothers
Royal London

The Change Delivery Process

1. Fact Find

Aligning how we work to be in the
 best starting position for the project

2. Mobilise

Taking the information from fact-finding to prepare for project delivery eg. budget, resources or scope

3. Deliver

Actioning the project plan, seamlessly and effectively whilst 
re-evaluating the project internally and externally, adapt 
to changes that arise. Task, target and action.

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