Change Management

We help individuals, teams, and businesses to make organisational change

Change Management


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Organisational change can be hard to manage

The purpose of change management is to prepare, support, and help individuals, teams, and businesses in making organisational change.

At Lomarton we know the importance of delivering a strong change management programme and by incorporating a high-quality, focussed change management approach to your project will result in the project meeting its target is six times more likely.  A system and processes are only as good as its user, so here at Lomarton we want to position your transformation project with people who are engaged, informed, ready, and accepting of change.

Organisational Change Consultancy
People Process Technology

Three pillars of effective change management

People, Process & Technology.​ Lomarton can collaborate alongside your existing Change & Communication teams or provide this additional service to ensure the important business changes land and deliver an improved employee experience.

Previous Clients

Samworth Brothers
Royal London

The Change Delivery Process

1. Fact Find

Aligning how we work to be in the
 best starting position for the project

2. Mobilise

Taking the information from fact-finding to prepare for project delivery eg. budget, resources or scope

3. Deliver

Actioning the project plan, seamlessly and effectively whilst 
re-evaluating the project internally and externally, adapt 
to changes that arise. Task, target and action.

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