Founded in 2015, Lomarton has since supported clients from within both the UK & Global markets. With the help of Lomarton the focus of their transformation has been based on the 3 pillars: People, Process & Technology.   

Due to continued success, 2021 saw Lomarton expanding its team and strengthening its services within Consultancy, Project Management and Change & Engagement Management. 

HR Solutions Consultancy

Meet The Team

Our Vision

Create a world where people are central to business transformation

Our Mission

To help businesses adopt and embed change by simplifying, understanding and effectively communicating the impact and benefits of the transformation process to all levels of the organisation.

Our Values

We are unbiased in our delivery

Here at Lomarton we will work with you to understand what solution is best for your organisation based on a number of key factors

We are collaborative

To enable a successful service we will become an extension of your team through good listening, being personable and effectively communicating the impact and benefits to all levels of the organisation,

We adapt

We understand that every client has their own culture; here at Lomarton the flexibility in our approach enables us to adapt and delivery the projects

We are human

We believe people are at the centre of any successful transformation and everyone
handles change differently. Through collaboration and communication, we guide project teams through 
the process.

We simplify transformation

Our goal is simple! To help you articulate, implement and embed the change required across all levels of your organisation,